Delivering change in Walsall North

Since I was elected as the MP for Bloxwich, Willenhall and Walsall North I have worked hard to deliver change for our local community; tackling priority issues like health, crime and delivering Brexit. 

I successfully campaigned in Parliament to secure £36 million funding to build a new one next year because I know that Walsall Manor Hospital A&E department is old and cramped with poor conditions.

I know people in Bloxwich, Willenhall and Walsall North want to feel safe and to know that criminals will face justice. That's why I fought to put more police back on our streets. It's very encouraging that West Midlands Police have already started recruiting extra officers and the Home Secretary is introducing tougher prison sentences. 

In Walsall North 74% of voters voted to leave the EU. I campaigned for Brexit and have supported it at every opportunity. The previous Parliament frustrated and delayed Brexit.

Now, a Conservative majority can break the deadlock in Parliament and finally get Brexit done so we can get on with focusing on your priorities.