New Housing Minister agrees to look at Eddie’s carbon monoxide tenant safety proposals

Eddie Hughes MP is campaigning to improve tenant safety around carbon monoxide poisoning, which kills around 50 people and injures thousands every year. Eddie’s Carbon Monoxide (Detection and Safety) Bill was scheduled to be debated in the House of Commons today, 19th January, but Eddie has pushed back the second reading to give the Government more time to work on their proposals.

Eddie Hughes MP said, “I met with the new Housing Minister, Dominic Raab MP, late yesterday afternoon to discuss my proposals to change the law to reduce deaths and injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning. The Minister has requested more time to look into the issues around carbon monoxide safety and I’ve therefore agreed to push back the second reading of my Bill until the spring. I look forward to working with the Minister and his team to improve tenant safety around carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Dominic Raab MP, Housing Minister said, “We’re keen to work with Eddie Hughes on this important safety issue, and I had a good meeting with him today on taking that forward. Tenant safety is a priority for this Government, and that includes tackling the danger posed by carbon monoxide.”