Send Eddie your views on making Brexit a success

There is one issue that keeps cropping up on my visits around Walsall North: and it’s Brexit. There is much optimism from people I have met across Bloxwich and Willenhall. After all, the reason that the EU didn’t want the UK to leave shows how much leverage the UK has in negotiations. We have a lot to offer not only the EU, but the wider world.

And that’s exactly the point. In the 21st century we need to be a global country with free trade right across the world. So, it is only right that the Government set out it’s bold objectives on a future agreement with the EU: to keep trade with the EU as frictionless as possible; and to establish an independent international trade policy.

If we can set our own trade policy then we will be able to export more. And that means jobs. Once, locks made in Willenhall were exported all around the world. Those days are gone, but the opportunity is there to make other items and sell them abroad. We lead the way in technology and engineering and why shouldn’t we sell this to the world?

Such a monumental change will take time to negotiate and then to implement – and it’s important we get it right. But this must not be used as an excuse, by some, to overturn the referendum vote. The people of Walsall North overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union because they felt it wasn’t working for Walsall people. This Conservative government is doing something about it.

I am optimistic about the future and I would love to hear your thoughts on how to make Brexit a success for Walsall North. If you want to send me your thoughts and ideas please fill out the survey below.

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