Walsall North MP, Eddie Hughes launches Christmas card competition for young pupils

Eddie Hughes MP is on the look-out for a young pupil to design his annual Christmas card. As the local Member of Parliament, Eddie expects to send hundreds of festive messages to people and organisations he has met since being elected in June this year, including the Prime Minister!

Eddie has therefore launched a local Christmas card competition that is open to all primary school children in Bloxwich, Willenhall and Walsall North.

Eddie said, “I am delighted to be launching my first annual Christmas Card Competition, and I’m looking forward immensely to seeing the entries come in. I’ve really enjoyed visiting the local schools during my first couple of months and it inspired me to ask a local pupil to design my Christmas card. There are many talented pupils out there and I’d love to send the Prime Minister a Christmas card designed here in Walsall North.”

The winning design will be selected by a panel of judges that, along with Eddie, will include the Mayor of Walsall, Marco Longhi, and a local artist. It will then be turned into Eddie’s constituency Christmas card that will be sent to hundreds of people, including the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and local Walsall Councillors.

The deadline for submitting designs is 5pm on Tuesday October 31st. For further information please contact Adrian Andrew in Eddie’s office on adrian.andrew@parliament.uk or call 01902 585096.