Local News

Mayor Andy Street backs Eddie Hughes

Newly elected Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, dropped into Walsall North last night to lend his support to Eddie's campaign. Despite the weather Andy was keen to speak to residents and stopped by for a drink in the local pub.

Justice Secretary visits Walsall

The Justice Secretary, Liz Truss, visited Walsall North to lend her support to #EddieHughes4WN and his relentless campaign to win over voters from Labour. Ms Truss said, "We had a very positive reaction doorstepping around Walsall.

Building a Regeneration Plan for Walsall North

Eddie out and about visiting local businesses in Walsall North helping put together a regeneration plan for the area: more jobs, more revenue, more money to spend on schools and hospitals!

Out campaigning

Making the most of every single day meeting people, do wave or come and say hello if you see us!

Out and about - 33 days to go

We are out and about in Walsall North today do say hi if you see us. Just 33 days to go! #EddieHughes4WN 

Eddie Hughes fighting for every vote in Walsall North

The campaign to turn Walsall North blue, started straight away on Wednesday, with Eddie’s survey being distributed to hundreds of houses across Beechdale. We received a really positive response. We are fighting hard for every vote between now and polling day.

There’s still time to vote for Andy Street…

Don’t forget there is still time to vote for Andy Street today – the Conservative candidate for West Midlands Mayor. Polls don’t close until 10pm. You don’t even need your poll card to vote. The Mayoral election is hugely important and will have a big impact on all of us in the West Midlands.