Speeches in Parliament

Debate on the Address

I hope you will forgive me, Mr Speaker, if I look slightly bewildered to be called to address a full House of Commons Chamber: I have simply never had this experience previously.

Eddie supports proposed habitable homes law

I spoke in favour of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill - brought by an Opposition MP and backed by the Government.

Eddie highlights the need to value all workers in debate over pay

Eddie recently spoke in Parliament on the need to value all workers, and not just public sector workers. He highlighted how Conservative policies such as increasing the minimum wage and increasing the income tax threshold have helped both public and private sector workers.

Eddie's maiden speech to the House of Commons

Eddie made his maiden speech to the House of Commons on the evening of Monday 3rd July. He thanked David Winnick for his service to Parliament and Walsall North and raised the importance of delivering Brexit for Walsall North. Here is the text of his speech: